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        Huntsville Feminist Chorus Tour of Malta & Gozo     (17-28 May 2001)

Lace Tour to Malta & Gozo     (28 May - 6 June 2000)        

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Absolutely marvelous!...I'm still thrilled with it all...and I want to go back!
I was looking for an adventure...and I had a great one!
I was hoping to deepen a sense of spirituality and to 'find something'...
and I did! I'll never be the same or look at the world in quite the same way.
I guess a person couldn't ask for more gifts than that from a trip.

Our trip was very well organized and ran extremely well. I can't think of any
area that was not handled in a very professional manner. The 'handouts' were
very helpful for those of us who were less experienced travelers.

I made some great friends, had a million laughs, enjoyed scrumptious
food, and had about the happiest 2 1/2 weeks in my life!

Jane C.

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Malta is unsurpassed for Neolithic and goddess sites!
Gozo is a little jewel of an island, visually delightful, and I loved Ggantija.
Being in Joe Xuereb's art studio stirred a strong desire in me to create
something tangible. The congenial company on tour and thoughtfully prepared
ritual meant a lot to me...you did an outstanding job of taking care of us!

Lee S.

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I had a marvelous time!...Have been reading non-stop in my spare moments
since returning from Malta. This has always been an interest for me, but now,
I read with passionate interest about the ruins, ancient peoples, their art, and
their origins.

I feel privileged to have been to such an unknown (for Americans),
special place. I loved the small size of the tour. It was an exceptional time,
really! It has helped me to find a focus, to get in touch for the first time, with
who I am...feelings about being a woman with a historical past - in terms of a
culture and religion. My experience with you in Malta has opened several paths
of interest which I didn't even know existed before this...I'll be back!

Judith H.

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Was It All A Dream?...I keep asking myself,and then hasten to reassure myself!
People ask me about 'your trip' and I hardly know how to answer them.
Too incredible. I had very high expectations about this trip, but you exceeded ALL of them!
Thank you, dear Clotilde, for all your most tender, and most knowledgable attentions.
I really can't believe it has finally happened.Everything was perfect!

Maggie F.

We had SUCH a wonderful time! I loved the poem...and the annotated
itinerary you gave us at the airport on our departure ... that brought it all back
in such a wonderful way!..it's a great idea to do that for your clients.
You were terrific and made our trip unforgettable.

Dabney F.

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Oh yes...I say YES!...I want to go back to Malta!

I did not finish writing in my Malta journal until three months after I got
home! Something happened to my memory when I was in Malta. It is sharp
as a tack. When I would write in my journal, it was like I was reliving
the experience - I could remember every detail...how the air smelled, if
the water was indigo or turquoise...what we talked or laughed about...the
absolutely incredible strength and life in the stones at the temples.

Thank you for the poem and the articles. You provided us with so much
rich and interesting information. Cloe, you did an A+ exceptionally
perfect job. I had one of the best times I have ever had in my life!!!
I enjoyed every minute! You were well organized and you were FUN -
and that's a rare combination. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Catherine N.


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