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 A journey to the Maltese islands transports the visitor back through many realities, from the days
 of World War II to the time of the Knights Hospitallers in the 16th century, to the Middle Ages,
 and finally to the ancient Neolithic peoples when they first discovered the power of planting seeds
 and gave up their nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle for that of farmer and keeper of the land.

 We experience each of these realities by walking the streets of fishing villages, the meandering
 roadways of the Medieval walled city of Mdina, and the stately capital of Valletta, with its imposing
 architecture built by the Order of the Knights of St. John.

 We balance the energy of these busy environments by unhurried visits to the larger temple sites of
 Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Tarxien, and Ggantija, as well as several smaller temple sites not available
 to the public except by special arrangement.

 And if you are an artist, bring your materials...there is plenty of time for your muse to emerge!

 No trip to the Maltese Islands is complete without a few nights in Gozo, experiencing the captivating
 magic of Calypso's island. No wonder it took Ulysses seven years to leave it and return to Penelope!

 Several days and nights on the charming island of Gozo provides time to experience its very special
 energy, as we explore Calypso's cave, the red sands of Ramla Bay, salt pans, rural folklore and some
 (but by no means all) of the many secrets to be found among the ancient stones.

 Wonderful wildflowers, peaceful flocks of sheep and goats, sights of gentleness and sounds of grace
 all abound here, as we feel the ancient goddess energy of the Earth Mother still very much alive and
 vital in this landscape of antiquity.






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